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2010 Event Technology Shopping List Presentation

Here is the video from my 2010 Event Technology Shopping list presentation with Ruud Janssen at EIBTM on 1 December 2009.

For those of you stuck outside of the room on Tuesday, I am sorry that you were not able to attend live. Hopefully, this video is an acceptable substitute.

To set expectations – the video is not professional grade. We shot it with my home movie camera. So please excuse the camera position, video quality and the start. We missed the introductions and first ARS questions.

The video is 52 minutes long – so watch it with a fresh cup of coffee and a pastry!

Finally, I hope that you find some usable ideas that can be applied to your 2010 events. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Maarten Vanneste for operating the camera, getting a decent shot of the presentation and moderating the session. Without Maarten’s help, we wouldn’t have this video to share with you.

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  1. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for sharing the presentation and mentioning InXpo =). With regard to GSX, I’m unsure if your colleague said “90,000 sales people.” Just in case, the event had 19,000 people from the sales organization in attendance. We provided an overview on our blog about this and some recommendations:

    The recent cover story in Meetings & Conventions is also very interesting as it covers hybrid events:

    With regard to the question about virtual events as opposed to virtual worlds, I think it’s important to recognize that virtual events will never replace physical events. Rather, I believe that virtual events will complement physical meetings.

    So why virtual?
    1) For those who wouldn’t have considered attending your event, you’re able to reach them with either a free or low cost registration

    2) Enables you to invite more people to an event, like a sales kick-off meeting, that you wouldn’t normally have been able to due to costs of travel, lodging and catering of a physical event. Maybe top performers in person with sales support virtually

    3) It’s about creating an overall event strategy. For example, you may decide to do a webinar for lead generation, a virtual product road show to maximize resources, a hybrid event to extend the reach of a conference globally, and physical for high-touch customer and partner outreach.

    In the end, an event is an event is an event. Don’t let the format dictate your needs. Rather your strategy will help you decide what mix of technologies, if any, should complement your strategy.


    December 4, 2009

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