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Social Media in Events Video from Event Camp

I created this video as a thought starter for the “Integrating Social Media in Events” Fishbowl discussion that I led at Event Camp. Due to popular demand, I have been asked to share this video with you. I hope that you enjoy it!


This video was created using Apple Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint). It is really a combination of ideas and statistics from these blog posts:

10 Ways Social Media Will Transform Events in 2010

>  Are Your Events Haunted By The Blackberry Prayer?

>  Do You Allocate Enough Time For Interaction?

The Transformation Begins

Right now the digital world and face-to-face worlds are colliding. I think this collision will create new opportunities for events. As attendees become more comfortable with these two way experiences in their own lives – they are going to start demanding similar experiences from you. Maybe they already are?

If you have experienced any interesting applications of Social Media or Event Technology during an event – please share your stories. I would love to hear what you think is working or not working in your events.

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  1. Fantastic work Samuel! It was awesome at #EC10 and the fishbowl session that followed was a truly memorable event precisely because I was involved specifically and because it allowed so many voices to be heard.

    One thing that would help to keep a fishbowl conversation on point is a Slide with the topic at the front. This would have the same effect as the #eventprofs topic posting. The fishbowl event/meeting was the session that was most like our online #eventprofs chats so it was really interesting for me to see that format played out in a live situation.

    February 11, 2010
  2. When speaking to a number of people at #EMEC10 I found the most common reply to be… Well I don;t need to be convinced anymore, I now need to learn how this works, what techniques I need to master and how to really apply the new media, collaboration and dialogue to service my events better.

    As you recall from our 2010 Event Technology Shopping List session at EIBTM in dec 09, we are learning this new language, some faster than others but sooner or later this insight needs to be converted into applied knowledge.

    I wholeheartedly join your call for feedback on 2 main points:
    1) what works and if so, how did it work.
    2) what didn’t work and if so, what was the main obstacle as to why it didn’t work.

    We can then convert that insight into practical steps and a toolbox to be able to meet the needs of the colliding worlds between Live and Virtual encounters.

    We will meet again soon Sam, it was a pleasure to meet in person in Malaga again and continue the dialogue in various (virtual) ways,

    Ruud Janssen

    March 3, 2010

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