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20 Tweets from the Virtual Edge Summit Worth Reading

Tuesday, I found myself in the “virtual third world” at the Virtual Edge Summit in Santa Clara, California, USA. I wasn’t attending the event in person. I wasn’t watching the event on any of the 5 different virtual event platforms. I wasn’t behind my computer. I was observing the conference through Twitter on my iphone.

While it wasn’t ideal – I gotta say that it wasn’t that bad either. Especially, considering my alternative was to watch movers load the truck.

Movers Loading the Container

Here are 20 Tweets that I collected from the event that I think are worth your attention. If you are interested in more – you can either watch the videos or checkout the backchannel (Search #ve10 on Twitter).

1. C your F2f event as a microverse in a larger context of community says @PaulSalinger #vevu #ve10 think of all channels 4 your content /via @jeffhurt

2. Key component of Hybrid events is the interaction and engagement created between virtual and face2face attendees /via @michaelmccurry

3. Remote attendees arrive early, stay late online and want a robust virtual experience when attending a virtual event says @kellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

4. Why Virtual Events: extend content reach, extend, reduce spend, extend duration, support #green, demonstrate tech @kellyAGraham A) #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

5. Why Virtual Events B) Gain better metrics for business intelligence – data, data, data says @kellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

6. Consider prospects who may attend your virtual event, taste it, & decide to later attend the F2F event says @kellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

7. A Virtual Event is a gathering of ppl who meet in online environment at set time 2 acquire info, share, network, engage @kellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

8. Virtual Event Strategies: Get, Keep & Grow Customers says @kellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

9. Virtual Event Strategy (VES) 1) Understand your Audience 2) Document Your Objectives 3) Develop Measurement Plan says @kellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

10. What I like about the live stream of #ve10 – I can flip between sessions until I find content of interest /via @scottlum

11. @scottlum You can flip between sessions and no one has to move their chair to let you scoot by! 😀 #ve10 /via @ginaschreck

12. VES: Don’t understimate resources for virtual strategy. Lrn to understand virtual attendee’s expectations says @KellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

13. You need a good Digital Strategiest that understand virtual and online experiences for Virtual Events Success says @KellyAGraham #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

14. Strategic Methodology for Virtual Events Use Master Process: M) Mark your aud A) Assess Objs & goals S) Strategy says @kellyagraham #ve10 /@jeffhurt

15. VE Strategic Methodology cont T) Tech Review E) Execution R ) Review & Reblance says @kellyagraham #ve10 /@jeffhurt

16. Audience Technographics for Virtual Events #ve10 from @KellyAGraham [Book mark this. Another winner from Kelly] /via @jeffhurt

17. Wow, Cisco did a virtual event for 10 million says @kellyAGraham [Not the norm she reminds audience] #ve10 /via @jeffhurt

18. Cisco cost per person dropped from $4500 to $385 by going virtual. But they want hybrid event for 2010 : drive motivation #ve10 #vevu /@ikesingh

19. Virtual events? Don’t look at technology first – what do you want to accomplish? Look at tech. after event plan in place. #ve10 /via @scottlum

20. Virtual is an umbrella term for any type of event that is not face-to-face says @KellyAGraham /via @JeffHurt

Two BONUS Tweets

21. Gr8 4all events: Virtual Event Obj: Complete form for each aud segment u target says @KellyAGraham /via @JeffHurt

The diagram is great for all events that are using any type of digital technology. I use many similar questions when I meet with companies that are considering event technology.

22. Virtual Events Metrics & ROI [Good list to consider] from @deTomasi & @KellyAGraham #ve10 #eventprofs

I like how this list of metrics is categorized: Reach, Engagement, Conversion and Content Lifecycle. I think the attention to the content life-cycle is important. If you are going to make the investment in creating content, then you should look very closely at how you far and wide you can spread that content.

Bottom Line

Even in the virtual third world, I was able to connect with this conference and harvest some valuable insights. I hope that you found these 20 tweets and the links valuable as well.

So, what jumped out at you? What would you add?

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  1. Samuel:

    Obviously, I was onsite attending the event and turned up my tweet volume on the second day of the event.

    Here’s an interesting twist that I did onsite. I was in @KellyAGraham and @deTomasi “nuts and bolts” workshop on Virtual Events. Kelly & Helaine were sharing some detailed check lists and timelines that were like tiny eye charts on the screen. However, those lists held a wealth of information for those who plan virtual events. I was sitting four rows back and couldn’t read them because the text was so small. So I logged into the Stream57 livestream of the event and pulled up their PPTs on my computer while I tweeted and attended in person. I was then able to read the text, take screen shots and share those valuable charts with my followers in real time. I ended up sharing 10 different checklists and timelines in all.

    Those people sitting in the row in front of me thought I was taking pictures with my iPhone and tweeting them. They couldn’t figure out how I was getting such good pictures.

    So, even when you’re in a face-to-face meeting, sometimes the virtual livestream is of value to those present too.

    February 26, 2010
  2. Hi Jeff –

    Thank you for tweeting out the highlights of some of these presentations. For those of us in the “virtual third world” having a person in the face-to-face audience like you is really important. If the event strategy includes spreading content as far and wide as possible – I think having someone tweet out the key points or highlights is of equal importance to having a moderator that bridges the virtual (or remote) audience and the face-2-face audience.

    Also, thank you for making the effort to merge the virtual stream with the face-to-face stream to create better (multi-media) notes. Those diagrams are really, really great. Even among the boxes and the moving truck, I could see that I was missing out on some great content.

    Originally, I was just collecting these tweets and others for my personal notes. Then, I realized that there were so many great ideas and frameworks coming out of this event. These ideas and tools are more useful in everyone’s hands than in just the hands of a few.

    Thanks again for your tweets and your comment, Jeff.

    – Sam

    February 26, 2010
  3. My favorite tweet was the moderator stopping the show to address mike mccurry’s tweet that his question wasn’t being answered. Classic mccurry moment! Great post sam.
    I wish I could have attended this conference.


    February 26, 2010
  4. Wow these are great insights! This particular tweet: Virtual events? #19 Don’t look at technology first – what do you want to accomplish? Look at tech. after event plan in place. #ve10 /via @scottlum.

    This is always a good plan when using ANY new tool, but particularly good advice when implementing new technology. Let the technology work for you, not the other way around.

    February 26, 2010

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