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Building A Digital Game Plan For Events

On 1 March 2010, I made a presentation at MPI’s European Meetings and Events Conference in Malaga, Spain on “Building a Digital Game Plan”.

The idea behind the presentation was to get the audience to think about how to get the audience to think about the opportunities that technology can bring to events in terms of extending the event, including more people, offering new formats and increasing interaction. Then, I wanted to show them a process for planning to implement interactive or collaborative technology inside their events. (This could be Social Media or other event technology).

You are more than welcome to look through the slides here.

Supporting Material

Equally important, I compiled several blog posts into a pseudo e-book that the attendees could use as a second reference. This was designed to provide some additional support behind what happened. Here is that document: Building a Digital Game Plan Article Collection.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions on the content or ideas that were included in this presentation, please let me know. I would be happy to expand on any of the topics.  For the regular blog readers – there are some ideas in the slide deck that will be the subject of future blog posts.

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  1. Thanks for building on the insights developed for the 2010 Event Technology Shopping list. My compliments for getting this done while moving from Switzerland to Minneapolis.

    In my view we hav eto stop convincing people and start training event managers, delegates and foremost moderators presenters on using the new technologies effectively.

    As you and I have both noticed, it is challenging to think, engage, talk, convince, debate, dialogue, endorse and listen to the audio and backchannels that are omnipresent around any discussion/presentation topic.

    The art and science of crafting this dialogue is very much like the art of creating desirable food. No one cooks like your very own mother (or father) or granny or grandpa unless you’ve been through the ranks of experience of those of a master chef.

    Few are gifted to pick this up from scratch and those who are still work day & night to perfect. The true masters take initiative to test, try and try so as to continuously reinvent what others have been doing for centuries before.

    Time Magazine ran in last the issue of 28 feb an article on one of those masters. Feran Adria, inventor of the molecular cooking, stepping aside for the next 2 years to re-invent the perception of food.

    Only once in a lifetime does true innovation and a major shift happen like we are going through on the technological or dare I say the mass personalised dialogue & mico-communications front.

    For those with already advanced social media skills; Let’s start discussing and finding out how social filters can keep the fishbowl clear for other to observe and learn from.

    Here is a call to all those taking initiative to lead, teach and work with the digital immigrants to collaborate more intensly.
    The (r)Evolutions Manifest I will present at MPI’s on Tuesday 9 March will focus on this very topic: Time for a Collaboration (r)Evolution: Preaching is past, teaching is engaging, experiencing is learning.

    Best regards from Arlesheim and see you soon,

    Ruud Janssen
    TNOC | The New Objective Collective

    March 5, 2010

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