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Mobile: What is Your Favorite Event App?

Mobile Apps are changing the way that we communicate, collaborate and share in the same way that the internet did 15 years ago.

Here’s a quick example.

While I was searching for a new house, I would drive through different neighborhoods to see if I liked the area. Then, I used a mobile app to help me find homes that were available nearby.

Mobile Home Search MapThe app displayed homes that were for sale on a Google map interface that included a “you are here dot”. This location based feature allowed me to quickly see what was for sale nearby AND do a quick check for “curb appeal.”

If the home passed this first test, I would tap on the screen and the app showed me 10 photos of the inside. If I liked the home, I would forward the MLS number to my real estate agent and ask him to arrange an appointment. I could do all of that sitting in my car with a few taps.

This single app brought together my location, a map, a searchable database of the homes for sale on the market AND the photos of those homes. The information was available at my fingertips, when I needed it and where I needed it AND it was easy to use.

What Could this Mean for Events?

Think about the possibilities in the context of a large meeting, conference or festival.

What kind of information would be useful to have in the palm of your hand at an event? Think about standing on a tradeshow floor looking for other attendees, or booths. Think about sitting in the conference room with 800 people listening to someone rattle off out of date statistics – that you know are wrong. Think about being at a festival and figuring out how you get to the next venue. Or think about being at the State Fair — where is that Deep-Fried-Snickers-bar-on-a-stick vendor?

The possibilities for attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and organizers at events are numerous.

What is Your Favorite Event App?

Mike McAllen and I are collecting a list of event apps for the next episode of our Going Digital podcast. If you have any meetings or event based mobile applications that you would like to share with others – please send us an email at meetingspodcast at or leave a comment below.

We would be happy to talk about your favorite apps on our show AND give you all of the credit!!

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  1. I ❤ the apps by Quickmobile – the one we used at MeetDifferent was a Godsend for someone like me (a numbskull who first of all hates paper and second can't keep track of a conference schedule).
    Of course, Foursquare is fun to find others and work on the coveted swarm badge. I like what they're doing now with select locations who can push special deals to those checking in. I was recently offered 10% off a Starbucks frappucino if I achieved mayoral status at that location!

    I'd also *just die* without Bump to quickly swap contact info with other attendees, and have some fun in the process.

    UStream is great to share snippets of content with a remote audience.

    Just a few off the top of my head!
    Midori Connolly, Chief AVGirl

    May 27, 2010

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