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Attendees: What is in Your Social Media Toolkit?

Recently, I was selected to be one of the MPI Social Media Guru’s for the Meeting Professionals International World Education Conference in Vancouver.

As part of the deal, I made this little video with my iphone:

The video immediately prompted questions about what I am bringing to participate in Social Media onsite. So, here is a list of what I am packing for the event.

iPhone 3GS: My Social Media Swiss Army Knife

The iphone has a camera, video camera, wifi capability, auto-upload to YouTube and photo editing software. plus a number of social apps. I plan to use my phone for most of my on-the-spot content capture and creation that will occur in the hallway conversations and during meals. Expect to see tons of photos and videos from me. All via the iphone.

Macbook Pro 13 inch: My workshop

I can type like a world champion with the keyboard and film short videos with the built-in webcam. I can edit movies, write power tweets, schedule tweets, write/publish blog posts and podcast. I will use the Macbook Pro during sessions to write and respond to tweets – because I type to slow on my iphone 3GS.

Powerstrip and Extension Cord: My Lifeline

Apple makes great products – but they never have enough battery power. To keep myself plugged-in to the content, I will carry a powerstrip and an extension cord around with me.

Headphones: My Podcasting Tools

Mike McAllen and I plan to record a few editions of our Going Digital Podcast. So, I will bring along my headphones with microphone to make sure that I am ready to record a show in the hallways or on the Expo floor.

Paper / Pen / Pencil: My Old School Tools

While I am mostly digital, I still like to use paper and pen to frame up ideas or solidify my understanding of interesting concepts. So, I plan to have a pad of paper and pencil in my bag as well.

Small Rollerbag: My Transportion

While the A-Team has a cool van to carry their gear, I will have a roller bag – backpack thing. Um, not so cool. But I need it! One of the challenges of carrying your gear is that you need compartments and organization. The roller bag backpack gives me an office on the go type of setup. So, I can setup and unpack in a few minutes. (If you have a cooler suggestion – let me know. I am all listening.)

Bottom Line

In my opinion, these tools will be more than sufficient to engage with you all of the on-site and remote attendees via Social Media. 

What do you have in your Social Media Toolkit?  Is there anything else that you recommend?

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  1. Sam:

    Two things that I carry with me that are not on your list:
    1) Batteries – I need them for my Flip Camera and my wireless mouse. I carry my wireless mouse everywhere because I suck at using the touch pad.

    2) Window screen cleaner – Ever open up your laptop at a conference and are suddenly horrified by the spots on it? The different lighting of the room highlights all the smudges, spots and imperfections of your laptop for eveyone to see.

    June 24, 2010
    • Hi Jeff,

      Window cleaner! So True!

      I like the batteries idea – great addition. Since, I am an Apple guy, batteries are not an option for me. Apple users just need to stay within 30 feet of power at all times.

      June 24, 2010
  2. Powerstick – for emergency charges.

    iPhone os 4 – zoom on the camera for good stage shots.

    iPadraig, of course, ( – has been a fabulous substitute for my MacBook.

    Window cleaner – good one Jeff! (omg that was so embarrassing leaving mine in my room at PCMA!).

    Cute little striped bag – forget that roller thing for the AVGirl!

    Gum and Wisps – okay, not SM-related, but important for being in such close quarters and talking all day.


    June 24, 2010
    • Midori,

      I think the Powerstick, ipad and wisps are great additions. I will be ready to photograph your “cute” bag at WEC to share with everyone. (I am betting it is black with wheels.)

      – Sam

      June 25, 2010
      • Uh, no. No black. No wheels.

        And I’m happy to share my gum and wisps with anyone who’d like…it really works out for the good of all 🙂

        June 25, 2010
  3. Sam,

    Great list! I’d add a particular app for the iPhone that makes meeting people and exchanging info simple…Bump.

    For those who you meet who don’t have bump, I also ensure that I have Contxts. Simply go to, set up your information and then tell people to text your contxts username to 50500. In a few seconds they will receive a text with all of your contact info.

    Try it out…my contxt username is klrichardson. So, text klrichardson to 50500 and watch what happens. Between bump and contxts I can safely leave the business cards at home.

    June 25, 2010
    • Haha, all my techie friends make fun of me for using Bump as it’s so “passe” in our crowds…but I still love it!

      If you are using Bump, may I suggest using SocialFuse? It’s the app that shares your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. They use the Bump API (Paypal also built a Bump app).

      Also, you might try wawame…bluetooth exchange will come in handy for Americans in Vancouver. The only crummy thing is that the server can be spotty.

      Keith, I like contxts, except you have to go through one more step to merge your contact lists. And there aren’t any type of privacy disclaimers on their site. So, I have no idea what they’re doing with my profile information and I’m an SMS phobe to begin with 😉

      June 25, 2010
      • omg, I meant Kevin. And that’s a running joke among a few of us – I’ll have to explain in person!!

        June 25, 2010
  4. Great Additions Kevin!

    I like Bump and have not tried Contxts, yet. I will give it a try.

    Did you know that Linkedin has its own Bump feature? If you have Linkedin for iPhone, you can do the same bump type feature to exchange Linkedin contacts with another attendee that has Linkedin for iphone.

    Thanks for your contribution!

    June 25, 2010
  5. Well I wish I had some uber-wise advice about what to pack, but I still own a Blackberry!! I don’t have the supercool phone, but I am packing my iPod Touch, already loaded with the WEC mobile site, Hootsuite, etc.

    Although my roller bag is probably not as hot at Midori’s shoulder bag, my bag is the utmost in feminine professionalism, packed to the brim with (among all the things mentioned above), hard clipboard for taking notes, post-it notes, stapler for stapling stuff to my post-in notes, trail mix, protein bars, fruit bars, rice cakes and lipstick.

    You may want to slip a stick of Old Spice in your bag Sam, just in case you need to do a swan-dive into the best night of your life!

    July 23, 2010

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