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Talking Technology Awards with Corbin Ball & Ruud Janssen

eibtm wwtw logoWhile I was at the WEC, I sat down with Corbin Ball and Ruud Janssen to talk about the EIBTM WorldWide Technology Watch. This award is the longest running event technology award in the industry. The award has been a launch pad for pioneering event technologies for the past several years. Each year more than 45 new event technology applications are submitted.

We talked for about 20 minutes about the award, what it means and how the entries are judged. Also, we talked about what makes a great application and the most recent industry trends. I found the conversation fascinating.  I recorded it and included it as part of the Meetings Podcast Going Digital Series. You can listen to the conversation here: (Listen)

For event technology suppliers, you should listen to the podcast and consider applying. Equally important, if you know anyone that has an award worthy technology – please be sure to tell them about the contest.

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Note: I am a member of the 2010 judging panel for the EIBTM WorldWide Technology Watch.

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