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  1. So, Sam, I guess now it’s our turn again!

    As you know, the “get out of jail free” quote came from your talk to the opening session at EventCamp Twin Cities. At GMIC this week, as you say, we made it our motto — which means we got to quote it back to you, since you were with us virtually. And now, you’ve quoted it back to us again. And the wheel goes ’round.

    Thanks for the mention in your post, but this really was yet another one of those moments where you get so much back from joining in than you can possibly give in return. Just as ECTC was a watershed and a huge learning opportunity for so many of us, I spoke to a number of people who planned to pull every possible lesson and adaptation out of Game ON!. We’ll all just get some sleep first…

    February 24, 2011
    • Hi Mitchell,

      I agree GMIC was a watershed moment. You, Paul, Guy, Midori and the rest of the team should be really proud of the work that you did and the accomplishments.

      My hope for you is this: In 6 months that you start hearing from people who have strategically integrated sustainability and social responsibility into their event designs because of this event. I think your event can have that type of impact.

      Yesterday, my team made sure that all members had a copy of our case study for our files. I hope that other teams did the same. These cases make great reference tools. I plan on using ours.

      Get some sleep. You all have earned it!

      February 25, 2011
  2. Hey Sam, great to meet you, can’t wait to meet you f2f, I think your participation in Team Oak really became an ‘urban story’ that I think many will take back with them as the future of meeting participation. I’m glad I could assist you and help turn your participation into valuable participation as well as a leadership example for how teams will work in the future.

    I used the ipad extensively during the program, props to QuickMobile for making it happen. +: an ipad per team is just cool to start with, it worked for schedule and allowed everyone to see key content via smart phone too, the leaderboard was looked at and talked about constantly, tweeting had to be done the ipad, a little tiresome for the virtual keyboard at some point. You could also logout and login for twitter accounts as we switched that role between teammates.

    Cons: no retweeting capability, the case study input wsa very limited, winning Team Magnolia used Googld Docs to collaborate and present a much higher quality case study, people STILL printed the case study because they wanted to write on it! ipad needed annotation capabiliy.

    Overall, while not perfect, it fit the bill and made the conference very interesting, by far the most innovative I’ve seen in the past few years. As I do corporate team building and leadership programs with technology and adventure, I hope to present and design more collaborate team projects with teachnology and certainly this conference will further push my 20+ years of experience in design and results!

    February 27, 2011

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