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Introducing SocialPoint

You create awesome events for your brand or cause. It’s our job to help you spread that awesomeness in social media.

You probably have a nucleus of social savvy attendees who are blackbelts in mobile phone and social media kung fu. These attendees will tweet, blog, check in and make status updates during your event.  And, you love them for what they do.

What about the Passionate Patties and Thumbless Theos who love your brand or cause but couldn’t tweet their way out of a room? They would start a movement for you in social media if they could.

For these attendees – you need something simple and fun. You need SocialPoint.

The Secret Ingredient

SocialPoint is the secret ingredient to spreading awesomeness.  We make it super-simple for attendees to share big ideas from your event with their friends on Facebook. We give attendees a branded RFID-enabled wristband (or badge). They touch and go at social points around your event. Then, posts appear on their Facebook wall.

Here’s the real magic. When your attendees post on their own Time Line, you increase your social media impact by up to 100x versus posting on your brand’s Facebook page. That’s a huge difference. With those numbers, think about how much you increase the number of likes, shares and comments, too.

Mix It Up

This is a new service that we are offering for events. It’s a great way to mix up your events and expand your social media execution.

Do us a favor check out the website, download the brochure and like us on Facebook.

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  1. Ruud Janssen #

    Exciting development Sam! looking forward to it’s evolution.

    April 26, 2012

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