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Going Digital

Going Digital Podcast

We need to a better job of talking about the benefits, opportunities and challenges of using technology in meetings and events.

Mike McAllen and I decided to launch a new 20 minute podcast called “Going Digital with Samuel J. Smith” that concentrates on technology strategy, social media, new tools and the latest trends in meeting technology.

How should you listen to these podcasts?

If you have Twitter Attention Deficit Disorder like me, then listening to a 20 minute podcast while sitting at your desk could seem like an impossible job.  I have found it much easier to concentrate and get enjoyment out of podcasts by listening to them while I am in my car, working in the yard, or am on the go. We suggest that you download this show to your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player.

Episode #1: InXpo Virtual Event Platform Goes Social

(Listen | Subscribe) In our first episode, we talked about the format of our new show and the INXPO Virtual Event Platform.  Also, we answered a listener question on integrating breakout rooms and presentations into the virtual event platforms.

Episode #2: Using Event Technology to raise millions of dollars in a few minutes

(Listen | Subscribe) This episode gave a lot of love to IML. We talked about their newly launched IML Connector and what it means to events. Also, we talked about the role that IML played in raising an insane amount of money- twice – for the RobinHood Foundation. At the end, we answered a listener question on the iPad and its use in events.

Episode #3: Talking Event Technology Awards with Corbin Ball and Ruud Janssen

(Listen | Subscribe) In this episode, I talked with Corbin Ball and Ruud Janssen about the EIBTM Worldwide Technology Watch Award that is awarded each December. We talked about tech trends, the award and the judging process.

Episode #4: GPJ’s David Rich on Bringing Digital to Events

(Listen Subscribe) In this episode, Mike and I talk with David Rich, Senior Vice President Strategic Marketing & Worldwide at George P. Johnson. David offers a ton of insight for event planners that want to bring digital technology to their events.

Episode #5: Talking TEDActive with Sarah Shewey

(ListenSubscribe) In this episode, Mike and I talk with Sarah Shewey of Pink Cloud Events about TEDActive. TEDActive is a simulcast event of the TED Conference. We learned why TED Talks are so engaging, how to make remote simulcasts equally engaging for the attendees. If you are doing hybrid events, this is podcast that you won’t want to miss.

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