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My business is helping event organizers leverage digital technology to improve communication, collaboration and sharing at their events. I do this in 4 main ways.

> Event Technology Consulting: Using the event’s communication objectives and attendee experience as a backdrop, I help event organizers brainstorm innovative ideas, then develop and implement strategies that match the technology tools to the needs of their event. This scope of the implementations include hybrid events, social media, brainstorming & collaboration, audience engagement and mobile solutions.

> Digital Media: Interactive Meeting Technology Blog, Event Coup, Going Digital with Samuel J. Smith Podcast, the Event Technology Shopping List publication and an upcoming video show are my digital platforms for sharing insights and ideas on leveraging interactive meeting technologies in your events.

> Workshops and Seminars: Sometimes you have the resources to build and execute a digital event strategy on your own – but you need a little help to get started. For these groups, I can put together a presentation or customized workshop. Topics include Innovative Ideas for Interaction & Collaboration, Social Media, Building a Digital Gameplan, Virtual and Hybrid Events and Mobile Technology.

> Marketing Consulting: On the other hand, maybe you are a technology company looking for help with a market entry strategy.  I can help you figure out the best way to enter the market and the best places to go look for customers. Think of me as a fishing guide. You still have to do the fishing – but I can put you over the fish.

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